Development of microfluidic high-throughput bioassays based on 3D matrix-supported spheroids

The aim of this project is to design novel microfluidic devices with associated procedures that allow the generation and long-term culture of 3D tumour spheroids in order to perform miniaturised high-throughput drug screening assays. Physiologically relevant 3D cancer models are studied using both cell lines and primary human tissue from biopsies for a long period of time within the microfluidics. Microfluidic passive networks are used to maximise the analysis possible from limited cell sources.


Theresa Christ


Dr M. Zagnoni, Univ. Strathclyde

Prof D. Flint, Univ. Strathclyde

Dr M. Boyd, Univ. Strathclyde

Dr J. Edwards, Univ. Glasgow

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd

LOC platform for high-throughput screening of anti-cancer therapeutics and delivery agents in prostate cancer

The aim of this studentship is to develop a new platform technology to screen emerging anti-cancer therapeutics and delivery agents (i.e., cell-penetrating peptides) being developed in the Beatson Institute and the University of Strathclyde for the treatment of castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). This studentship will involve developing a microfluidics platform that will enable screening the parameters of drug concentration, cell type, cell penetration in 3D structures and assaying the effects of the drug in a high-throughput format.


Scott Gilmartin


Dr M. Zagnoni, Univ. Strathclyde

Dr G. Burley, Univ. Strathclyde

Prof H. Leung, Beatson Institute

Feasibility study to use enhanced fluorescent imaging and microfluidic technology for high-throughput drug screening of patient derived tumour cell models

The aim of this project is to apply novel microfluidic systems for the 3D culture of primary tumour cell models ( By combining continuous bright-field phase contrast measurements of tumour spheroid response to drugs in microfluidics with fluorescent reporters of pH and metabolic activity, we will provide new sensing techniques to create high-throughput and low cost screening assays using 3D microtumours from patient-derived material, overcoming the current limitations for oncology drug discovery and development of personalised treatment.


Dr Graham Robertson


Dr M. Zagnoni, Univ. Strathclyde

AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd


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